• Long tradition in production of parquet floors.

  • Our products are manufactured based on specific demands for every customer. We are here to help you create your perfect home or office space.

  • We use only top quality and natural materials to create a warm ambient for the living spaces of our customers. Our products guarantee quality and safety.



The basic and the most important products we are offering are parquets. When it comes to types, you can choose between oak, ash or beech parquets.

Dimensions of the parquets: 250 / 1200 x 45 / 90 x 14 / 21 mm

Classes of the oak parquet

  • E – class extra (1st class) – narrow regular tree rings, small colour deviations, no alburnum, lumps, cracks or aberrances.
  • N – class nature (1st b class) – wider regular tree rings, average colour deviations. Few lumps in the colour of the wood, no laburnum, no pinholes nor cracks.
  • S – class standard (2nd class), moderate strandedness, bigger colour deviationsand a smaller lump up to 3mm in radius, traces of alburnum, no pinholes nor cracks.
  • R – class rustic (3rd class) – larger colour deviations, colorful wood structure, coalesced lumps up to 6 mm and alburnum allowed, no pinholes nor cracks.
  • NS – non-standard class (4th class) – major colour deviations, infinite tree ring strandedness, major lumps allowed and alburnum allowed along with pinholes and cracks.