• Trust and satisfaction of our clients along with the long year tradition in parquet manufacturing confirm the quality of our services. Contact us with confidence!

  • Our products are specifically customized in accordance with our clients' desires. We are your helping hand in realization of ideas in the furnishing of your homes or commercial properties.

  • We create a warm ambience in life spaces of our customers out of the finest quality and natural material. Our products are synonyms for safety and quality.

About us

About us

With over 30 years of running business, the parquetry factory Ratković represents the family tradition in manufacturing parquetries out of domestic mass wood species. With continuous investments in new technology and constant education and specialization of the employees, we have developed quality production which brings renowned products to home markets as well as to those abroad.

The Ratković parquetry factory employs 90 workers in direct production. Our clients’ trust and satisfaction alongside years of parquetry manufacturing tradition are both confirmation of the quality of our products.

We are proud to present some of our products:

  • classic parquet
  • oak industrial (kant) parquet
  • lamel parquet
  • lamels
  • briquettes

Services at your disposal:

  • delivery service to a preferred location in collaboration with our clients
  • possibility of complete instalment with quality materials provided

Our products are customized according to the specific requests of each and every buyer. We are your helping hand in realizing the ideas of furnishing your homes or commercial properties.

Contact us with confidence!